How do people still hate Zoe? She is overnerfed garbage.

So obviously, {{champion:142}} was quite broken at release, and she has been nerfed every single patch ever since. The main problem with her is that she's the first champion with the playstyle of an 'artillery assassin', but more specifically, it's that she essentially operates with 2 spells. If any given champion can roll over you with the use of 2 basic abilities than obviously they are too strong, and that was the case with Zoe, so riot put a band-aid on this by just cataclysmically nerfing her every patch. By now she is at the state of being EXTREMELY unreliable with her hard to land skillshots, with low reward if you hit them because all her abilities do half as much as they did on release. You just landed your two spells on someone. great. you dealt like 40% of their max hp at best. now what? you just committed an all-in. great. now watch as how any other mages all-in actually has the potency to kill someone. Zoe has EXTREMELY exploitable counterplay, she is unreliable, she does not have an escape, and so on. She is extremely easy to deal with in lane with quite frankly anyone. I've never had trouble laning against Zoe at her overnerfed garbage state. (I play champions like {{champion:134}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:7}} etc.) I play Zoe myself and have mastery lvl 7 on her, but I gained it when she was actually worth picking, now I would NEVER consider picking her to a ranked game, because she's just too damn weak goddammit, but she's just sooo much fun to play ugh.... whatever, back to the point: I do not understand why people still hate Zoe and want her to get even more nerfs? How is laning against Zoe frustrating by any means? Who even is "countered" by Zoe? I can't think of anyone I ever struggled with against Zoe. And in before I get bronzie-blasted, I'm a diamond midlaner.
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