This season sucks

It's very difficult to climb out of Silver, especially out of top lane. It sucks so much that I had to playing the lane, not because I don't like it, I'd love to be able to play top lane nonstop, but it's so damn frustrating when you have braindead junglers that don't look at the minimap, don't answer pings, don't communicate with the team, don't know how to gank, or anything, but you're playing against a duo so you get camped. Then don't even get me started on bottom lane, which will win or lose you the game unless you become so insanely fed that you can 1v5. Otherwise I'm stuck in lane and it doesn't matter if I feed or stomp, eventually ours or their bottom lane will eventually get around to rotating to the lane to end my laning phase. This 'out of my hands' laning phase equals a 50% WR. I don't even feel good when I win, because the game wasn't even decided by me most of the time. So, I started playing jungle instead. While this is better and feel I have a larger impact on the game, it still sucks. My teammates will often give up first blood before I can even clear, or I'll get invaded and my team won't rotate, or they won't set up ganks and keep pushing lane, even from behind or when I ping OTW. Riot seems more interested in catering to balance to the tiny fraction players in the LCS and Challenger, leaving shit like Udyr and Brand completely broken for the rest of the players. Seriously, it's S7 Draven all over again, where the game was pretty much over if your bottom lane gave up first blood. it took him MONTHS for him to get justified nerfs just because he didn't exist in the 'pro' meta. Brand is so broken right now because of how the game has been encouraged to be played, with nonstop teamfights where split pushing is impossible because it actually takes game knowledge and a cooperative team, and he builds so much health that even assassins can't burst him by the time the time mid game rolls around, and he carries fights just by pressing one button. Then Riot goes and does shit like buffing Mundo and Garen, they ignore champs like Singed, it's like they want bad players to be able to succeed and feel good about themselves when they actually suck, and it ruins the damn game. These champs aren't fun to play, they aren't fun to play against, they aren't rewarding, and no matter how you phrase it, it won't change that fact. Maybe Riot will realize they are ruining what was once a fun game and actually admit and fix their mistakes, but sooner or later people will get fed up and leave. Really though, they'll probably be like Blizzard, shutting down fan servers 3 years from now of 'classic' modes of their game, wondering 'why don't people want to play our game anymore?' Anyways, that's my rant. Maybe I'll go back to playing Fizz and just getting freelo the moment I hit 6 because most idiots won't build defensive starts or take barrier, but w/e. It's just not fun.
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