Gameplay/Client Feedback Megathread: One +, One -

Hey all. There's a lot of talk lately about positivity vs. negativity and how Riot should be taking feedback and how we as a community should be giving it. As such, I figure a straightforward thread like this could be helpful, both to provide feedback and to see how we as a community handle providing feedback with a specific tone -- that of being non-aggressive and respectful to each other and to Riot even when we have complains or concerns about the way things are being designed and/or handled. ***The premise is simple:*** post one thing you like about *League* currently, and one thing you dislike or feel needs to be improved. ***The catch is also simple:*** If you cannot provide both a positive and a negative, your post will likely end up removed. If you use either to attack or insult anyone, your post will end up removed. If you use one in a sarcastic fashion or in an obvious attempt to avoid providing a positive or a negative, your post will likely end up removed. *In short, if you're not willing to abide by the spirit of the exercise and provide friendly, informational positives and negatives, please just don't participate.* ##Basically, keep things friendly, informative, and respectful. ----------------------------------- # **Positive** I've been absolutely *loving* tower plating. It's making me consider my early game back timings, rotations, and pressure a lot more, as there's more to consider other than "will the tower fall?" It also adds some fun moments of excitement as I try to stay at that tower just the extra second or two to get that sweet, sweet plating gold. Of all the preseason changes we've had over the past years I think this is one of the ones that adds the most interesting decision points and one of the ones that feels the least disruptive to how the game plays. You're given more feedback and more reward for partial success, and none of it happens in a way that's unintuitive or invisible. ---------------------------- # **Negative** I'm a little frustrated at the lack of positive feedback in both the performance scoring system (S, A, B, C, D) and the report system. I think the former would benefit very much from a *Heroes of the Storm* style pop-up with some positive stuff (You dealt 20% more damage that the average! Go you!), and the latter would benefit from a less easily game-able way to track the outcome of your reports. My suggestion would be a bi-weekly or monthly pop-up of punishments your reports have assisted with, perhaps with a private spot on your profile where you can see the total number of cases you've helped with. While I suspect there are some who would try to find ways to abuse this, I think the overall benefit in reminding people that the system *does* work would be helpful, as the feeling that your concerns are lost in the system is one that I see a lot of people share.
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