ARAM ban system improvement suggestion

There seem to be some calls for returning the ban system to ARAM matches. I personally think it makes the matches poorer in some way, but also richer in some others (For example: in my case I always ban Pyke (until some even more toxic champion arrives) and my premade friend always bans Yi. Therefore our games are poorer in the way that we will never experience the joy of playing one of those two champions. On the other hand it makes our matches richer, because we don't have to be butchered by one of the two for as long as ban system exists). So, I am fine with either having the ban system or not having it. However, if Riot decides to return ban system to ARAM, I ask that Riot builds a Ban list for each player that has five different champions listed in it in priority order. The "first pick" bans the first champion in his list, the "second pick" bans the first on his list, unless it was already banned by an earlier "pick" and so forth. The advantages of this system is that we the players would not lose time for the banning phase and we would not have to repeat the same monotony action of banning the same champion time after time.

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