I finally understand why people think that the matchmaking is so bad.

I have been able to hold my own in ranked games all the way up until my Gold 4 promos. I had about a 78% win rate on graves and I was able to work with my team to win easily. As soon as I hit my Gold promos, my teammates turned horrible. For the past 11 games, I have had teams full of negative win rate silver players. I am not able to clear up to level 3 without 2 of my solo laners giving up kills. I wish that riot would take some time and look into what is making their matchmaking so bad instead of making another skin line for Akali. It seems as if they do not care about what the players actually think and their only motive is to milk money out of the players by constantly making skins for the most popular champs. I have been on a huge losing streak and I have demoted to silver 2 now without a single win. There is no way that I just became terrible at the game overnight. If I can get good winrates up to my Gold promos, I should at least be able to win a couple of games thereafter. It sucks now Riot goes silent when people talk about this kind of stuff instead of actually addressing it and working towards a positive solution. {{sticker:sg-shisa}} Rito Pls help the matchmaking system

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