Blink And You'll Miss It: Elder Drake Buff is Toxic To Gameplay

The original post is below in these quotes,but because this is at the top of the page I thought I'd use this for visibility: Riot saw what was happening and shipped a hotfix. Thanks everyone! > The clip shows it all. > > In this game we had every drake that spawned. We had the baron. It didn't matter. Because the enemy team had the Elder Drake buff, they could walk up and one auto attack one shot any carry on our team thanks to the ridiculous threshold that offers no counter play. My jungler missed one smite on ONE dragon in the entire duration and the game is over. > > Something needs tuning here. > > ETA: Bugged? It's supposed to be from 20% and lower. > > **ETA: It seems to be that Cait can execute any champion regardless of their health with Elder Dragon Buff, it is popping up all over the forums. Please push it up so they fix this game breaking/altering bug.** > > > > > EDIT: Seems to be more than just Cait: > >
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