I'll tell you why Wukong is getting nerfed again and why Yasusu is getting a major Buff

Because of the Wukong mid pick vs susu couple of weeks ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X06ySPQuv-c Riot's balance team didn't like the fact that {{champion:62}} started seeing proplay and winning the matchup. So in order to balance things, Wu nerfs hit, but that's not enough, gotta hit him with more nerfs, not to forget about the runes nerfs will affect him as well, but while doing so, they're buffing their favorite flashy champs which they worked "so hard on over the years". From their point of view, a 4-5% pick ratio on 51-52% win ratio is unhealthy, gotta nerf but for 22+% pick ratio on 49% is underperforming, gotta buff so they go above 51% w.r on that kind of pick/ban ratio. I have a feeling Q > R > Q will be enough to 1shot any squishy for both {{champion:64}} and {{champion:157}} next patch Go on, ship those buffs/nerfs, I want people to have no reason to play this champ so he can finally get his rework.
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