Even every streamer I watch is hating on league really bad.

Nb3 wants to stream fortnite, he said that's all he plays in his free time, since it's so frustrating to play league. Wickd stopped playing league 'cuz he's sick of bot lane deciding games and his title was "actually playing games where skill maters". Tarzaned just said he doesn't want to play this game anymore, that bot lane decides every game, either xayah/cait/trist etc. Trick playing pubg and fortnite more and more too. Dyrus wants to play other games for a long while now. Qtpie and scarra said directly to rioters how bad the game is right now. Even fucking Voyboy, probably the most chill streamer, was saying how frustrated he is with teams. He went from challenger 400 lp to d1. I guess all his fault though amirite, git gud voyboy. You can say some stuff about these guys, but they are/were all challenger players and the game is frustrating even to them. Too snowbally and too dependant on your teams/autofills, few selected cc tanks, and bot lane is ... ehh we all know. Thank god I stopped playing solo q before I went insane and I'm messing around in flex now, 'cuz I think I'd lose my mind playing ranked right now. Yeah, riot started working on some things, but it's just soooo slow. I have yet to see someone like 15-20 mins game in diamond ++. Either they're tilted 'cuz they lost so fast, or they're just indifferent they won so fast. Q U A L I T Y G A M E S
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