Can someone look into ezreal? I don't even care if he's overpowered anymore, it has just gotten to the point where he has been the most picked champion in the game since the beginning of the season. He's annoying to play against with his low cooldown flash(and yes, the cooldown gets low during the mid game, enough for him to use it multiple times during a fight), he has annoying poke, and he doesn't even fall off as much anymore with the double tear build. Honestly, the best way to start might be to take a look at klepto. Nobody else really uses it anymore very often(besides gp sometimes, but even then grasp is generally better), it just gives a gold lead simply for picking ezreal, which is exacerbated by his already early powerspike. I don't want him removed from the meta, I just want him to be taken down as the pick into anything ADC. INB4 "just ban him". Yeah, I really want to ban him. However, I don't always play bot lane, so there are other bans that take priority over him, especially with the mid lane meta being as it is.Even if I don't play bot lane, him being picked always impacts the mid game, as he can just play skirmishes with a kind of annoying ease since he does not have to worry about positioning.
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