Will you(Riot) Bring back Hexakill?

Thank you Riot, for the URF. We love it. We also love Hexakill too, do not forget that. If you have URF coming back more often, we will be having more fun, and if URF mode tilts you guys too much to have it around so often, I would suggest alternating modes between URF and Hexakill every season or something. I would even add a third fun mode to the list of modes we love, ALL FOR ONE. It is a third placed fun mode, but it is still fun and we like it. I would even go as far as to say that every mode has players who love it, even if I don't like Blitz, Dominion, or Assassin modes, I still hope we can have those modes back for the people that love them, but I personally think Hexakill, URF and All for one are the best alternate modes. Why? Because they allow you to use the champs you like in the way they were intended to be used. Gimmicks can be fun for some, but we like the game already and the champs in the game so we like to play the modes where we can just use the champs we want to fight it out in a quick fun mode. That being said, someone suggested to me on another post that at the end of each season, we should have URF, Hexakill, or All For One, as a game mode for a short period of time as a compromise with the community that love those modes, while still allow for your slower Ranked game to not be left in the dust.
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