It's Been a Fun Decade Riot but I am Finally Out

I just can't do it anymore. League is by far my most played game over the last 10 years and I cannot thank you enough for that. (Although I do wish I did play less games and went outside more over the years lol but that's on me). But after a decade of playing I just can't do it anymore. Call me old but these are my reasons. 1. **New Champions.** I really dislike the champion designs of almost all new champs released these days. Their kits so over loaded and it just feels like you have to play perfectly to beat them even early. I get your trying to make all champs like this, but obviously it's going to take forever with redoing all or most of the older champions. But even then..... I still feel like new champs just too OP to make the game even fun. 2. **Runes Reforged/Damage Creep** Look I tried... I really did. Although I hated season 8 after runes reforged released I kept playing. I actually enjoyed season 9 for a long time but after taking roughly 3 months off I have to be honest with myself. I still absolutely hate where damage has gone in this game and just don't find it close to as fun before runes reforged happened. Granted, I think season 7 kinda sucked as well but that was for different reasons. 3. **Change to Rank Distributions** I really dislike how ranks changed this season. After having same or similar ranks & distributions from seasons 3-8 season 9 changed this all forever. And the fact I can guarantee over half the player population (probably like 70-80% or more) don't realize this makes it worse. There's literally a decently popular post on Reddit as I type this complaining about putting new players in gold matches when gold isn't the half way mark or average for players. Yet..... the reality is in season 9 IT IS! . Literally top 50% of people are gold 4 & higher in season 9. I just hate this. I hit plat for first time in season 9 (but I knew about this change). In reality I needed to hit plat 3 to be old plat 5 due to it being top 10% of players but once I hit plat 4 I just got sick of playing and stopped. I just hate that you made these changes and pushed everyone up making them think they improved when in reality a lot of peoples ranks went up but they stayed the same level of skill compared in terms of % of the player base. 4 **Display of ranked Rewards** Not sure why this was changed also with dynamic borders or this whole choose between your level/icon or border/rank. I don't see why we can't have both. I hate having to display rank because then people just make fun of you like "ooo look at mister big shot" or w/e. But then if I just show level/icon I don't have a border lol. Just stupid and another thing that was literally fine for season 3-8 but for some reason had to be changed. 5. **In game changes** Look I have only played 1 game of preseason 10 so I haven't dealt with new map changes. But honestly..... I have no desire to. Call me old but feel like you just added more stuff to make the map more annoying especially bot lane. These are just some of the big things over the last two seasons that make me no longer love the game. I am sure newer players find these changes exciting so hopefully you continue to hold on & grow your fan base. But I just can't see myself sticking with you as I just don't find the game fun anymore. I loved the game when people didn't die in 2 shots even pre fucking like level 3...... I miss feeling like I could impact the game a ton as 1 player rather than playing around weaker players than myself. I just.... miss old league. It wasn't as flashy... especially the pro scene. But GOD FUCKING DAMN WAS IT FUN! And I know I will never get to experience that again with this "new" version of league and that saddens me. Anyways I wish you all the best and thank you for 10 awesome years. I am happy Clash looks like it finally getting closer to release as I do think that is an amazing mode and idea. I have had fun play testing it in the past. But I don't know enough people who continuously play League anymore to try and participate lol or have the desire to keep up with the changes to try and stay competitive.
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