Please add honest Skill Shot indicators.

We know that hitboxes of Skill Shots are weird. #**First Example: {{champion:53}} 's Q** This will hit the target.[/img] So instead of changing how hitboxes work and having to spend Season 10 fixing bugs, a better idea would be to just change the indicators to represent what is actually happening - and especially where the Skill Shot will hit and where it won't. After testing a bit, I came up with this new shape. This highlights important things. * You can hit a target directly left or right of Blitz, but not behind him. * The left or right hit is determined by where the Skill Shot is aimed at (Blitz will snap to that angle). * The hitbox on the long part is a bit wider and does not shrink. * The end of the arrow is the furthest the projectile goes. * The lollipop shape at the end. There is still a lot of room for creative shapes and decorations.[/img] Comparison:[/img] *** #**Example #2: {{champion:25}} 's Q** The projectile hits enemies in the far away corners, so it's probably a rectange that moves along the path. Therefore the indicator should also be a rectangle.[/img] # **Example #3: {{champion:59}} 's Q:**[\img] # **Example #4: {{champion:111}} 's Q:** Even after some testing, I still don't know if this is a rectangle or just a weirdly shaped lollipop. So here's both. ... but holy moly that's quite a bit larger than I expected.[\img][\img] # **Example #5: {{champion:1}} 's W:** (to test a cone shaped "Skill Shot") It seems like the angle of the indicator is correct, but you can hit enemies as long as their edge is touching the center point of the cone, even if the enemy technically behind you. This edit isn't very creative and might be a bit off on the round edge.[\img] # **Example #6: {{champion:412}} 's Q:** Same things as with Nautilus - I couldn't figure out if it's a rectangle or a lollipop. So I'm assuming for now that it's a rectangle.[\img] # **Example #7: {{champion:76}} 's Q:** Maybe it's a rectangle.[\img] . *** . # REQUESTS FROM COMMENTS . ## {{champion:36}} 's Q:[\img] ## {{champion:142}} 's E: uuuuuuuh what?[\img]
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