I have a hard time to bring myself to play this game anymore due to the balance team

It is too obvious that buffs are given to popular champions with an upcoming skin that will sell well. The PBE is evidence of this with Riven and such. Whenever I see random buffs I always assume it's an upcoming skin. Sejuani, one of my favorite junglers, is getting obviously gutted because riot is tired of seeing her face in pro play. They've already sold too many skins for her as well as firecracker sejuani and don't have any in the works so they want to remove her from the pool of pro champs so some other jungler can fill that gap and sell skins. I remember back in the day when they did the corki rework and other random buffs, it made me think "hmm, this seems random, I think this is so that champions that are not played anymore are played in pro thus played in ranked and can sell skins". Unpopular champions have a lot of potential to sell a lot of skins, as no one owns a skin already on them thus if the champion is op they will flock and buy one. That's why all those reworks happened imo. Idk, it's just insane. People fell for that love tap nerf Zed got with the release of galaxy slayer skin going "OMG SEE RIOT DOESN'T BALANCE BECAUSE OF SKINS". The nerf was a nerf that only really hurt the top end zed players (Diamond and above). Zed is EXTREMELY popular in low elo, and those players are not skilled enough for that small nerf to mean anything when his gameplay and results remain largely the same in a low elo scenario. All the Zed posts you see on this board are low elo games or someone smurfing in an elo they don't belong in. I just can't be fucked. I tried to get into this game a bit again after years of not playing but I just can't do it. The game is just ruined by the players (toxicity, I haven't had an issue with trolls as I don't feed them by typing back thus encouraging the behavior to escalate) and the skin balance team at riot. How can I play this game and feel good when I know that there is no sense of balance or integrity? Gaming sure has turned into shit, both from the social aspect with players and companies themselves. Wintrading? I never heard of that shit ever until I came back this year as I haven't played other PvP games besides this one. Wintrading was never really talked about or an issue back in my day (2009-2015). No idea what the fuck hjappened tbh. Hard to care about ranked or playing the game in a game full of cheaterers or 1 tricks that don't actually have any game sense and just know how to kill another champion.
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