[Theorycraft] Teemo's Rework

Hey there, Despite the fact that I have quite of a reasonable win rate when playing as Teemo, I cannot ignore the fact that his kit feels outdated and that, apart from his Mushrooms, Teemo doesn't really feel like the scout that he is supposed to be. Since Riot seems to have ~~forgotten~~ other priorities to work off with, I came here just to give you guys my opinion on said tophic. So, I'll start off as identifying what, in my opinion, should be Teemo's identity and, later on, I will share some ideas that could potentially put this little yordle in a more viable spot. **What I do believe that Teemo should feel like?** > Scout is a soldier employed in reconnoitering. Teemo should feel like a real scout, while he does have some tools to embrace said fantasy, namely with his Noxious Traps (R), but those are not really being utilized for such function, outside of the laning phase. Being known as _the Swift Scout,_ it would make sense for Teemo to feel slippery and fast, however, in today's game that is not the case... **What could see some changes?** Riot has defined Teemo's kit as toxic, no pun intended, and here is why: Blind can be a supressive form of crowd control and the possibility of being damaged harshly with a single Mushroom are two of the reasons that can make Teemo quite hard to balance. With that said, I don't think that Blind can be removed from Teemo's kit without it having a really severe change, so here's what I would do. **Guerrilla Warfare (Passive) -** I would keep this passive the same. While it is quite situational, it fits Teemo's identity really well. **Bliding Dart (Q) -** While I agree that this ability could see some change, I couldn't find a way to change it in a way that wouldn't modify the Teemo that we all know of. **Move Quick (W) -** I came up with what I think that is a pretty clever idea, so the change is as follows. Instead of giving Teemo a static movement speed buff, why not give it a **huge** movement speed buff that would decay over the course of its duration? At the end, you would've moved the same distance while the movement speed buff was active, however, you would start off way faster, reaching, for example, an area that you have mushrooms on faster. To complement said change, I would also add this change: If you get near a mushroom, that has been planted for at least 30 seconds, in the first 1,5 seconds of Move Quick's animation, Teemo will jump on top of the mushroom activating it and dashing a small distance. **Toxic Shot (E) -** This ability is pretty much what defines Teemo, so I think it should stay as it is. **Noxious Trap (R) -** If you took close attention to the Assassin Class Update, you should have noticed something that Riot gave away in the way they rework things. _"There isn't any problem with high ammounts of damage as long as it allows the opposing player to react if prepared"_. With that in mind I know how to rework this abillity. Remove or drastically reduce the damage dealt in the instant that the mushroom procs, the damage is dealt in the course of 5 seconds. Of course that the new ability will be weaker than the previous one, but because of that now this ability can have another beneficts like a stronger slow, a better Ability Power (AP) ratio or since even add an extra affect when the mushroom is procced by Teemo's W, something like nearsight. Finally, I would really appreciate to hear your feedback guys! Have a nice day!
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