Mordekaiser main problems

as "old morde" main i have problems with new morde that i tihnk really needs to change first his new Q hes its powerfull and all gr8 if u can hit that abilty problem is the cast time is long enough for champs to walk from one side to the other away from the range of this abilty maybe redusing the casting time based on ability power or attack speed or just rank of the ability cuz in late game its realy hard to hit cuz enemy can stick to u walk abit to the side and still damaging u what ur still casting the ability W + passive passive : is too powerfull in lategame but if u cant acutaly get close to enemy and activate it its useless keeping in mind morde is slow champ with no mobilty so there is not much u can do about that when enemy tean can just zone u hard when they have realy high range and the E is realy slow its hard to close the gap unless u are already in a fight and the enemy dosent have any mobilty . W : im sure me and all morde mains would agree something must change about the W morde no longer have his sustain during fights the u can only use sheild only one time cuz of the way the sheild behaves the cooldown dosent start untill the sheild is gone and with 45% CDR u still have about 6-8 sec to charge and then maybe sheild by that time the fight can already be done and u maybe died at that time . also the fact that the sheild decays is not realy fun thing cuz charging it in early game takes too long and the healing on it is bad and after the early game the sheild well decay as fast as it dose in the early game having the "old" W and old passive back on morde to atleast give him sustain in the fights cuz he already have very low armor and and MR. R: new ultimate is just not fun to morde players cuz even if ur fed and way ahead of the enemy team lets say maybe cuz u played well or for any reason. using that ultimate on enemy ADC/assasin to try and prevent ur team from losing the game makes the ultimate useless both these classes have realy high mobilty and the ultimate "area" is too large for morde to just keep chasing the enemy before the ultimate is done then t he enemy leaves while the rest of his team kills you right after the ultimate is done . and its still a problem even if u killed the target u still going to get killed by the rest of the enemy team. ofc thats if the enemy team didnt buy a QSS then ur ultimate is totaly useless . also when you ult someone they supposed to lose 10% of their stats however they only lose 10% hp. the rest of the stats armor, MR , AP ,AD,attack speed stays exactly the same . i would suggest changing it to a damage abilty and realy hope the ghost come back cuz again its not rewarding to get 10% stats and then not using them . E: it feels too slow and the hit box feels buggy sometimes it dosent pull when it looks like it should i think the VFX dose not mach the actual hit box it feel a bit off and again its too slow way too easy to dodge and its one of only 2 damage abilties morde have . this is just my opinion on the new morde . i realy liked the old morde much more yes its more powerfull on the numbers but the fact that u cant kill a AD carry specially kai'sa and vayne just becuz they can dash 3 times. before u can do any damage to them during ur ultimate while ur ahead of them and manage to survive it and or kill u during it while ur still a head of them loosing ur lead in the game and being unable to carry ur team dosent feel rewarding or even fun . its not me being bad cuz i still can win my lane i still can play around all of that but the champion is just unable to carry. im just loosing my ranks cuz my adc or mid or jg lose . dosent matter if u win my lane hard and i play it perfectly i still cant carry . sry for the bad english but im doing my best here .
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