Easiest way to fix Yasuo.

Nerf this champ's mid lane and move him to the top lane for good. I play top lane, and Yasuo actually needs to put in effort to win against the likes of bruisers you find there. No matter how hard he outscales champs such as {{champion:122}} and {{champion:58}}, he has an early game which a lot of top laners can cope with and a late game which is on par with that of most top lane carries. Yasuo being a mid laner is a straight up middle finger to any mage and AP assassin. He shouldn't have been here, he should never have been a champ who dominates mid from early game to late, with hardly any windows of punishment. Give him the Irelia treatment and send him to a lane where he needs to put in the effort and wait for his two item powerspike.

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