Can we talk about Sylas now?

Can we... can we talk about this? Sylas has been out for some time now and Riot, I find that his kit is extremely overtuned. I hate how we have a bruiser early game with so much burst potential that late game when he has items it doesn't even matter that he didn't rofl-stomp lane, he still one-shots ADC. Y'all missed a golden opportunity to balance him in patch 9.4 like you missed the Lissandra nerf by a long shot, and I can't wait for another 2 weeks of having to HOPE the enemy team doesn't pick Lissandra or Sylas and get a free win because your balance team messed up. Lissandra Aftershock is disgusting with the amount of damage she can reliably put out and the way she can 100--0 squishies while still being tanky. Sylas (Insert Rune) is disgusting because he can straight win any 1 v 1 with one button imput: W. Please take a look at these champs and do something to them before they get any more broken. Good job on finally nerfing the King of Top Lane (that Urgot nerf was a long time coming) and Yasuo (because that shit was stupidly broken).
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