Please Prevent 5 man teams from queing against random solo players in ARAM

TL;DR Please make ARAM Solo vs Solo or even Solo/Duo vs Solo/Duo. The current elements create an unfair and un-fun atmosphere for other players who are not grouped with upwards of 3 or more players. If you disagree with this you are either a minority/casual ARAM player who probably doesn't care about much of anything really besides new skins and emotes, or, a pre-made 'regular' who insists on arguing the contrary because of statements that don't match your selfish and personal desires.. InB4 down votes from aforementioned pre-made ARAM players. InB4 "Aram isn't that serious bro", by the same players that demonstrate what I describe below, but feel their greatest weapon is simply acting as if it's not that big of a deal and hoping others follow suit ,yet, ARAM has the shortest ques across all game-modes.. I have been playing ARAM since S4. I usually play ranked a little to reach Plat or Diamond 5 then cease ranked play and revert back to ARAM. Why? Because ranked play is extremely toxic or lacking control considering players can choose to int, troll, grief and in this season more than any other, unfortunately. Aram is supposed to be a fun game-mode. The definition of fun is different for everyone, true, but when someones fun destroys what others consider fun in an unfair and unequal manner — something needs to be done. What do I consider to be unfair or unequal you ask? I think my opinion on what is considered unfair and unequal would match the opinions of many who just want to que for an ARAM game and prove or improve their skill against other solos in a group TF setting, or maybe just goof around.. With that said — when a group of solo players are matched against a pre-made there are 3 main factors that create an strikingly unfair, and un-fun atmosphere for the solo-grouped players. * Voice communication (VOIP) * Implementation of Advanced and Coordinated Crowd Control Application with the help of VOIP (Chain CC). * Implementation of Advanced and Coordinated Group Focused Attacks based on threat value (i.e. an enemy player with more skill than the rest of the group or that is fed and more of a threat) The majority of solo group players do not attempt to use these tactics because, lets be honest, it's just usually not that serious.. Although, when they are matched against players game after game that demonstrate the use of these tactics it spoils the fun and the possibility of victory in such an inordinately, lop-sided fashion that it ruins the initial point of the game-mode which was, — to have fun. These tactics are not skill based in their nature when applied to a group of solo players looking to have fun and not demonstrate LCS style, team tactics.. Tiger Woods forcing a random golf enthusiast to play him at a game of golf or his family parishes (logic being: no choice vs no choice in a metaphorical sense) would be lacking tastefulness and sportsmanship and therefor negate all possible levels of 'skill', nevertheless, people would still pay to see this. Same goes with league and most online PvP based games. Some players just love watching, or in this case, causing others grief and suffering for 15-30 minutes even though they are aware it is unfair and one sided. It makes them feel 'Alpha' or 'Skilled' when they mentally ignore the obvious truths in the situation. If this is an avenue for teams to practice TF style tactics, this is fine, but a 5v5 or ARAM Draft Mode should be made to accommodate these players so that others do not have to suffer through a overwhelmingly, one-sided ARAM match. Currently Fun build paths are not possible 99% of the time because pre-made groups rush games, and victory is 99% unlikely for above-mentioned reasons. NOT ALWAYS, BUT THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME — for all of the, "Heuheu, but i have fun and people are nice most of the time when I play ARAM, and everything is swell Heuheuheu", minorities/agenda pre-made robots.
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