The State of ADCs right now: Balanced or Broken... ?

I just haven't seen a lot of "ADCS ARE BROKEN" threads lately. Here are two sides to the argument. 1. it feels like shit to have your entire team melted by a brain dead ADC right-clicking and FLASHING WHICH TAKES SO MUCH SKILL 2. It also feels pretty shit as an ADC to get instantly deleted by a zed hiding in your jungle bush, dark harvest shaco, Kass ult combo who stacked his ult with no problem thanks to presence of mind. Or those moments when a tank/bruiser kills you and you as an ADC feel like they are tankier yet somehow does more damage to you than you do to them. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Here are some recent changes that directly or indirectly nerfed the ADC class in no order whatsoever: - The nerf to the rapid fire cannon, stattik shiv - AP Item changes (Morellos doing flat magic pen + reduce healing, while other AP items like Rylai's were straight up buffed) - Duskblade User buffs (buffing AD ratios for compensation for some damage reduction on duskblade proc) - Ninja Tabi Nerf (reducing flat armor is terrible for ADCs while the 2% extra damage reduction for autos doesn't mean much) - In an assassin's POV, this is like having 10 extra Lethality against an ADC with the previous Ninja Tabi. - Introduction of Conqueror rune (I feel like this is a pretty nice rune since ADCs can't really abuse it while it's more efficient for Bruisers/slayers/juggernauts whatever that class is) - Fleet footwork Nerf (Makes laning phase for late game hyper carries harder- this typically makes ADCs slightly lower health in laning phase which allows mid, jg to secure ganks more often) Makes ADCs slightly more vulnerable early game. - Reducing immediate health benefits for second resolve tree - Aftershock brought back more engage supports (team oriented) into the meta and allowed them to compete with the shield/heal slave supports (protecting ADC oriented) - There is probably more but I can't remember. What do you guys think honestly? My opinion is that ADCS are still the strongest class, but are in a pretty good spot right now. Maybe a bit more nerfs would suffice but too much will revive the "ADC in 2017" Meme. (would be 2018)
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