Qiyana q picking a random direction no matter where the cursor is

So didnt think {{champion:246}} would be buggy after release. Now i understand that {{champion:246}} had some adjustments or something right? Anyways this game i was against {{champion:82}} and after dying mid game i come back to lane to q some minions and the q decides that it wants to visit the river. At first i thought "oh shit, probs best if i point at the minions lol" so then i take river element again to freeze cannon and wizard minions and q them again and yet again the q decides to pay another visit to the river. This time im sure i pointed at the minions so for the sake of my sanity i take it again and this time it decides to go to one of the mid lane walls instead. At this point im questioning if im crazy or not and i decide im not. Team fight breaks loose and i try to q with brush to get stealth and reposition, and the q fires in an unknown direction with me running out right away getting ccd and killed. But after a few mins of me trying my luck to hit my q in my chosen direction it obeys me again and its like nothing happened. Anyone else get this bug?
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