I honestly think this is the worst patch of the season bar none,

Tahm Kench gets buffed in every single department making him one of the best top laners in the game. Vayne and Riven are still horrendously op and have been for several patches. Akali was nerfed, again, because of pro play. While Tahm was nerfed, because of pro play, and then given 50 "compensation buffs". Scuttle changes have made sejuani S tier with the other multiple buffs she received over the last few patches. Soraka "nerfs" have made her arguably even more powerful. Morgana is still one of the best mid laners in the game with zero nerf to her W damage. But hey, let's give a quality of life buff to shaco boxes because that's what's important to address in the game right now. The last 3 patches have made me so fed up with this game. They nerf my favourite champions to play who already have a shit win rate and then just ignore the actual problematic champions because someone on the balance team is a riven and vayne main. The bias the team has is so atrociously obvious and nothing will ever change.
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