Is riot ever going to address the massive drop in game performance?

IRREFUTABLE VIDEO EVIDENCE: Minimal frame skipping (JP): Massive frame skipping (NA): Considering I tried posting this on reddit and it was shadow-deleted I'm guessing nothing will ever be done. The game has been incredibly unstable for what's going on a year now. It's worse at some times than others but it's gotten to the point where it's just not worth queuing up anymore. It first started happening around 8.20 for me, the game will freeze and skip 20-30 frames every few seconds, skillshots won't register, every enemy skillshot won't register until it's halfway through its animation at which point it's guaranteed to hit you, and animation cancelling is pretty much impossible. I know this isn't just me because I can line these freezes up with duos and the games are significantly lower quality when this is occurring. It used to happen for only a couple hours or a few days and would be fixed but lately it's just been 100% of the time. I've tested this across several PCs, multiple isps, operating systems, and all sorts of settings. I have gigabit ethernet and a high end pc that never dips under 200 fps (and I've tried gsync/vsync/60 fps cap), I've tried a clean installation with generic mouse/keyboard and a 60hz hdmi tv still the same issues. Tried a radeon card an nvidia card and even intel igx. My computer is plugged into a ups and I've gone through the motions with support. Nothing fixes this, I'm now completely convinced it's on riot's end. This can also be corroborated by countless forum posts from people who think they're alone in the issue. Either the servers are overloaded, the anticheat is going crazy, or there's some sort of serious compatibility issue going on with newer hardware (again unlikely because the first issue was with a 4th gen i5 and r9 280x). It's also not surprising how godawful the NA ladder is this year when the game is so unresponsive for so many people. My specs: I5 8600k @ 5ghz (24 hours of prime95) EVGA Rtx 2070 Samsung 970 evo plus 32gb corsair lpx @3.2ghz Redragon perdition mouse Ducky shine 2 mechanical keyboard Asus 144hz gsync monitor There is no feasible argument for this to be blamed on individuals, there's something that really needs to be addressed.
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