For the love of god please remove promos

I like to be able to dodge games and take a small hit to my LP when i see someone in champ select on some bullsh*t. I'm not able to do this when it matters most for some reason, which is in my promos. I'm forced to play games with people that are clearly trolling, playing stupid off meta picks, or tilted. This just wastes half an hour of my time and pisses me off. What is the point of promos? Edit: I played my gold promos since posting this, and my first game had a tristana top and my second had a 13 death draven mid. Guess what? I had to play those, no dodging! Then shortly after losing my promos I had a Ryze mid afk at level 6 causing me to fall even farther back! Edit part 2: I'm about to lose my gold promos again Edit part 3: yep just lost it again Edit part 4: I got tilted and fell to 1 lp silver 1 but im still getting matched with gold 3s how the hell does that make sense?
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