Dear Rito, your matchmaking system is very troublesome and trolling. i can understand an afker here or there. i can understand a inter here and there i understand people have bad games But i swear to god, every game with a jungler that afk farms and then shit-talks cause they say everyone else sucks. the overall matchmaking is not even balanced. its either your on a side of good players or your on a side with feeders, inters, and bad players. I don't know how your matchmaking system works, but so far this season its been very troublesome. Sure you can't win every game. But there is literally people that want to FF after 5 mins in the game, and then just ends up trolling till 15 mins. I tend to mute players in my match that gets tilted and wants to try and tilt the team, but its very troublesome when you just have players that want to bring you down due to them having a bad game., blaming you and trying to attack your life in the process. I sent a report after the game, but people these days have more then 1 account and just end up doing it because it's near the end of the season. Comments, feedback, helpful tips to see or recognize something you can dodge? and lose 5 lp instead of 18-20 lp?
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