Karthus jg low elo

Apparently he's too good. I havent lost a game playing him in normals and the 2 games i played in ranked i won. Theres just something satisfying about those guarenteed remote kills on half hp targets.that got away. I even got a base ult kill as if i was a scripting jinx, draven, ezrel, or ashe. 100% legit but im not surprised if he attracts scripters because of his q and global ult. Didn't even see them back but they said they died in base. Being the fact he's a battle mage, he scales late. if he walls behind you you have no escape route and you die in a gank. Even if you kill him, he can still ult or if you dont dodge his shit,you still die. The only major pitfall is his mana issue. His he consumes so much mana. He continues to have it throughout the entire game. He also has a death passive. Threy arent all that great but his is probabaly the best. I haven't really seen any karthus jg. Nobody ever expects it. His win rate is high and ranked as one of the top jg's. Just like {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} he always does the most or close to the most amount of damage. I'm also in bronze 3 where everyone just takes like the high school cash it because they think they deserve diamond.
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