Is anyone else just having a blast with the update? Thank you riot best pre season ever.

Trying out new wacky builds, no stress of ranked, everyone is chill and the banter is good natured instead of nasty. Best time to be alive, haven't had this much fun in league in ages. The people stressing out about this need to relax, nothing matters right now. It is a massive change and will probably take at least half a year to smooth out all the kinks in the system. Just have fun with it while the crazy stuff is still around. Stop focusing on the negatives and make your own silly builds like 5.0 attack speed jax and don't care if you win or lose. If you are feeling stressed because Zed just shoved his blades up your rear end for the 5th time just take a deep breath and pat the bunbun and you will feel better. :)[/img]
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