What actually counters Pyke?

Even if he didn't have his hook to catch squishies, poke doesn't counter him thanks to his Grey Health, so that's right out. {{champion:16}} I've tried silencing his channel with Soraka, but that's unreliable as all hell because he can just stealth anyways and it has half her silence's CD _and a half mana refund from interrupts while we're at it._ {{champion:25}} Morgana has largely the same problem because of her Black Shield's CD, and only stupid Pykes all-in against her when they don't land their hook. You would think tank supports like {{champion:12}} Alistar {{champion:89}} Leona, or the god of armor that is {{champion:44}} Taric could do _something_, but I've never seen them work because he always has a gold advantage that makes them lose the armor-lethality arms race. (And probably because tanks are worthless nowadays.) Someone, please tell me which champ can tell Pyke to fuck off, cause at this point I'm getting desperate.
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