PSA for people who get camped a lot

This will be a long post, so I will leave a TL;DR at the bottom. I have seen a lot of people in my games and in other posts complaining about how they are getting camped, and that their jungler must suck because he hasn't ganked for them yet. As a jungle main, I have some of advice for you. Whenever I camp a lane there is always a reason. It is usually because the enemy laner is actively making it easy for me. So if you are getting camped try to think about what you are doing that might encourage a jungler to camp you. Are you playing really far forward all the time, do you never ward your lane, or do you constantly take aggressive trades against you opposing laner(s) without any knowledge of where the enemy junger is? I am not saying that every single time you are getting camped it is your fault, but it probably is in most cases. Also, if you are getting camped there is no reason you should be dying to it more than twice. As soon as you realize you are getting camped just play as safe as possible. I don't understand how someone can complain about getting camped, then continue to die to ganks that they knew the enemy jungler was going to make. If your lane is getting camped you should assume that the enemy jungler is always nearby ready to gank, unless you have a particular reason to think otherwise. As for a laner complaining that the enemy junger has ganked X times, but their jungler hasn't ganked yet. The reasons an enemy junger would want to camp you are often the same reasons your junger can't gank for you. If you are really far pushed up you are far from safety, and you are pushing your enemy towards their safety. It is hard to get a successful gank on an enemy who is 2 steps from their tower. Also, if the enemy jungler is camping you, there is a high chance that any attempt by your jungler to gank will be counter-ganked by the enemy jungler. I think one aspect I have seen left out in most conversations on this subject is the jungler's perspective. Imagine you are the jungler and your top lane has been playing too far up without wards and gets camped so that he is 1/4/0, and down 30 cs. Do you have any reason to think that if you gank for him once and get him some more gold that he will stop making the bad decisions that got him killed 4 times in the first place? No, it is more likely he will continue playing too far forward and just keep dying anyway. So to try to get your top laner back into the game you would have to gank him enough times that he could get such a large lead that he could keep playing too far up, and still win. I am not pretending that the jungler is always right, but even if your jungler does suck, and he could've done something to stop you from getting camped, or if he should have been getting successful ganks in other lanes, you blaming everything on the jungler won't help you get better, or survive getting camped. I also won't pretend I have never blamed the fact I was losing on getting camped, we all do it at some point. You don't automatically lose lane because you are getting camped. I have had some lanes where the enemy jungler tried to camp me early game, and they quickly gave up because they all failed. So I would like to give some specific advice on what to do when you are camped. 1. WARD!!!!!!!: I know RIOT hates wards, and that they have been gradually removing vision from the game, but you need to ward as much as you can. You can ask your jungler to help you get wards as well. The worst they can do is not ward. If you see the enemy jungler on a ward near you, you can either back up to tower immediately, or even better, if you know the engage range of the jungler, you can stay just out of his range. If you remain barely out of his range, and occasionally move towards them a bit you can trick them into wasting time hoping you will step close enough to them. I want to warn you again, only try to do this if you know the enemy jungler's engage range very well, and keep the possibility of them flashing for extra distance in mind. 2. Keep an eye on your minimap: Having perfect vision of the whole map doesn't do you any good if you never look at your minimap. I have had multiple successful ganks where I knew I was walking over a ward, but the enemy lane wasn't paying attention. Also constantly checking your minimap can let you spot the enemy jungler in a different lane, or in their jungle so you know how aggressively you can play. 3. Don't keep pushing in: as a jungler it is much easier to gank a lane that is shoved into your tower. So if you notice you are being camped, do not push the wave unless there is a particular reason to do so. I am constantly bamboozled when I have a losing lane that just shoves for the whole laning phase. I have to wonder if these people understand that towers = safety in most cases, and that they are voluntarily moving away from safety when they are already behind. 4. Don't ignore any danger or missing pings: if you have already been ganked multiple times and you are getting pings you should retreat under the assumption that you are getting ganked again. 5. Don't flame the jungler: Flaming the jungler doesn't do anybody any good. Even if your jungler is somehow 100% at fault for you dying to ganks, flaming him will just make him not want to gank for you. 6. Don't use the fact that you have a bad jungler to excuse your own mistakes: Even if your jungler is getting nothing done, and they are not even farming well, you can't force them to play better. What you can do, is play better yourself. Control the only variable you can in that case, and don't worry about your teammates. Using a bad jungler to excuse the fact that you are playing way too aggressive will just lead to you dying more because you refuse to accept that you are, at least partially, at fault for your deaths. TL;DR: If you are getting camped there is a good chance that you are doing something wrong. Try to think about what you have been doing that allowed the enemy jungler to gank you.
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