Healing and Sustain Creep is a Neglected Discussion that has Caused Huge Balance Issues

The amount of healing and sustain added to this game over the past few seasons has been insane and has caused many balance issues that have been neglected. Runes: So runes are the biggest culprit in the healing and sustain creep over the past few seasons. I will discuss what runes I see as healthy and the ones that I see as damaging to the game. Precision Tree: (Improved attacks and sustained damage) *Healing makes sense to be in this tree.* Fleet Footwork - It is a Keystone rune and should have a lot of power in the rune. I believe it does a good job with the amount of power it allocates to healing and movespeed. I think that it should be kept as is. Conqueror - So obviously this rune has recieved a bunch of hate and changes, but I will keep it short. Removing the healing since it creates a near drain tank like gameplay which Riot has removed from many champions due to them finding it as an unfun playstyle and give it more adaptive stats per stack. Triumph - I think it is fine, so keep it as is. It requires a kill so the healing does not effect anything without a kill. Legend: Bloodline - I actually like this one a lot. It offers nearly no sustain early game yet allows marksmen to build no life steal which opens up a bunch of build paths. So keep this one. Domination Tree: (Burst damage and target selection) *Healing does not make sense in this tree.* Taste of Blood - Like a mini Fleet Footwork, but with any damage. I don't see why this exists. Just an extra healing rune for no reason. Remove it. Ravenous Hunter - One of the most unhealthy runes in the game. Allows far too much healing for champions that were never designed to have access to sustain. Causes very unhealthy gameplay. Remove it. Sorcery Tree: (Empowered abilities and resource manipulation) *Healing does not make sense in this tree.* No healing exists in the Sorcery Tree which is perfect. Resolve Tree: (Durability and crowd control) *Healing does make sense in this tree.* Grasp of the Undying - Heals for very little and is hard to proc in later aspects of the game. The healing is only a part of the power of this rune and it is not terribly strong, so keep it as is. Font of Life - Very minimal healing and requires crowd control so I believe it is fine. Keep as is. Second Wind - I think this rune could be improved on to make it more impactful by increasing the healing, but adding a cooldown to it. Revitalize - Requires other sources of healing to be used, but seems like a filler rune because Riot did not have enough ideas. I would remove this rune. Inspiration Tree: (Creative tools and rule bending) *Healing can work in this tree* **I am very biased against this tree and I personally believe it is a big component in what is destroying the enjoyment of this game.** Kleptomancy - Offers health options and biscuits as possible RNG rewards for hitting an enemy champion. This rune alone is not problematic to sustain and healing. Biscuit Delivery - Very strong, but I do not believe it is problematic on it's own. Time Warp Tonic - Extremely strong and far too good with Biscuit Delivery or even just Corrupting Potion. This rune has no place in league and should be removed. It offers so much safety to players that take bad trade in lane. When laning against someone with TWT, BD, and CPot you have to trade them down to 20% health about 4 times before they run out of options. It is insane how much of a safety net this rune is. Remove it. **Just a reminder that old masteries only offered 2% life steal and spellvamp.** Please lower healing and sustain.
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