Thank you for this patch, sincerely.

I really appreciate this patch as it tackles alot of the main issues in the game. Tahm Kench was a menace for so long because of his ability to do whatever the hell he wanted in any situation while providing the best support ability in the game. Now he just has counterplay which is great. Aatrox not having a revive on top of the insane healing is a great way of hitting him. Akali having counterplay is really good. Any hit to Yuumi is a good hit, though I think you gonna have to hit her again cause that nerf is not enough to her mid game. Pyke hit so he can't just use his ulti willy nilly without consequence is great. The Lux hit is amazing, hit the right thing too in the W, it was too damn good, thank you for this. There are a couple of things that were missed out on. The Morde hit is nowhere near enough, this champion is insane. Killing Galio like this is just stupid, no reason to do it considering his state in pro play. I'm pretty sure this new Swain is busted as hell, but I'll have to play it first to find out. And this Kennan hit does nothing, please gut the hell out of this champion. Overall this patch is really good, and thank you for finally doing something about the long time problems. Now... When do you plan on nerfing Kai'sa? The best ADC since her release?
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