Why isn't Majestic Empress Morgana a Legendary Skin?

I really can't get over this. I've been mulling over the news of a new Morgana skin since I heard about it: Why isn't it Legendary with new lines? Various reasons for this inquiry, which all sound reasonable (at least to me): #1) It's one of the only skins with an actual difference in the Visual Graphics for her skills, compared to other skins (Exile Morgana = a Chroma of standard skills, the exceptions being only by small measures Blackthorne, Ghost Bride, and Victorious; Who all still generally have the same ult, same spell shield, and same Q). #2) The theme of the skin is antithesis to her general profile persona. 1. She's royalty, where the typecast of standard Morgana is generally humble, earthy, and someone who understands suffering. 2. She's generally being portrayed in her most "Good" light of any skin release, and the Visual Graphics generally support that. 3. She's a CREATOR, not a destroyer; The Lore of the bio is as Follows: "A feared sorceress queen from the heavenly kingdoms, Morgana looked on with disdain as Irelia sealed away the power of a dragon. Crushing her in combat, Morgana soon realized the young demigoddess had hidden that power away, and now ruthlessly searches for a way to return it to its rightful owner." BUT an interesting tidbit in Nami: "When the demigoddess _**Irelia was bested by a heavenly empress, the seal over Talon's draconic power began to weaken... allowing some of his magic to leak into the world.**_ Once a mere fish who dreamed of being a dragon, Nami has received some of this power, and has found her true form beginning to awaken." (She believes in a godly rule, but that's more of a "Right vs Left" political conversation, rather than a Good vs Evil) #3) It's generally one of the most up to date and beautiful skins both in game and in Splash Art (Yes; she just got a VG; But they didn't really put a lot of effort into updating her splashes with it, and the themes of those skins were just basically copy/pasted into the new meshes in game, other than Blackthorne) #4) Her normal chat files do NOT fit this skin! Talking about becoming Evil? Pondering He loves me/He loves me not? I shall show you PAIN? No Mercy? Although she's a deity in this skin, and believes a lot of very inflexible things about gods, it seems her Bio is more about restoration of lost things, not the punishment of Irelia. ------------------------------ Bottom line: I would PAY the Legendary price on this skin to have new conversations, and I don't think Riot is going to find a better Morgana candidate for a Legendary skin any time soon (Probably won't release another Morg skin for 2 years anyways). I know this is probably wishful thinking, as it's already a PBE thing, but surely...... we could do this...... please?

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