Season 9 Ranked system

I'm pretty sure what I've got to say makes sense in some people's heads (nowhere near doritogames), but I have to say it. Plat players shouldn't be in diamond games, silver players shouldn't be in gold games and god forbid silver players in platinum games or platinum players in silver games. I don't care about your ideas of that silver being the next faker he's not supposed to be matched with upper divisions that's why we have these things there in the first place isn't it. After a coupe games where I've lost I start getting matched in silver games. That's alright I win lane, but why do enemy players have to all be gold and my whole team filled with silver players or/and unrankeds. I can carry most of the times but god it's way too difficult. I'm pretty sure we've come to a point where you can be in bronze 78 and play in gold for a game or two. I can see why you'd want ppl to climb quicker, but give more points they'll eventually settle don't throw them in deep waters and wonder why the hell people are complaining.
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