@Riot - Why Do Champions With 0 CC Exist?

{{champion:11}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:145}}{{champion:76}} There aren't that many of them in the game, but seriously. ZERO crowd control. Not even a slow. I'm half tempted to put Zed on the list because his slow is so hard to pull off, but I'll leave it there because we're talking none. In some cases I can understand it. Katarina has a lot of in-combat mobility, Sivir has her ultimate that gives her a giant amount of utility. But when Nidalee was reworked Riot specifically stated that they considered whether she should have crowd control added to her kit or not and decided that it was part of her thematic to just not have CC. So what is the value in no crowd control? For one, it means you have far fewer options when you're behind. This is a team game. When I see someone pick Ezreal or Zed or old Evelynn I just groan and think "why?!" That player is choosing to put the weight of their failure on the rest of the team's back. If Annie falls behind, she has an AOE stun. If Sion falls behind, he has his ultimate. If Ezreal falls behind...well, he can poke for a bit of damage and not wave clear? Yay? What is the point, Riot? Why do these champions have no options? Why is that burden placed on the other four players in their team?
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