I don't even play Kalista but I feel sorry for that champion...

How Kalista Fell From Being The Best To The Worst Champion In League of Legends
►Subscribe to the channel!! http://bit.ly/2NlXg0q ►Follow me on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/kellenyoutube/ Today, let's talk about one of the best champions of all time, when Kalista had a 95% Ban rate, a 90% presence in league of legends competitive play and worlds, or even higher.
I don't know what to say about that champion nor will I say I understand her because I only saw that champion in my games maximum 30 times in my entire life of playing League of Legends. And most of the matches were ARAM. But it's amazing how even a small buff can make her a god tier and how a small nerf can make her a troll pick. There is no in between. At this point, what's the best act of mercy for this champion? Rework perhaps? (I'll leave a poll just for the fun of it) For those who played this game for a long time, what was your experience playing with and against Kalista? Was she that much of a toxic champion?
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