Just delete Akali and get it over with

It's been a hell of a nerf roller-coaster for akali mains in the past year since her release, if i've counted right, she had 9-10 nerfs until now every consecutive patch. if the balance team can't find a way to balance her for a year, and they just keep destroying her with these savage nerfs, just bring the old one back, admit you made a mistake. there's no point in adding 20 nerfs - saying she's balanced now and not fun to play anymore. the old akali was balanced and great, i see no reason why you won't bring her back. patch 9.18 is going to destroy akali for a good time. I know people hate playing against her and are happy for the nerfs, but even some of them admit its way too much, and some of them forgot she had like 9-10 nerfs already.
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