Is there a single mid laner that can carry feeding teams???

I'm talking like 0/6 across the board. Every god damn game its the same thing, I either crush my lane and my team feeds, or i go even because im playing passive in a bad matchup, and then get collapsed on by a fed team. My usual picks Swain really an't cuttin it, kat is too god damn situational especially after the nerfs, Cassiopeia can do it but BARELY and i have to be insanely fed, and Zoe is fun, but inefective in these situations. Especially with a fucking Mundo every game. Winning my lane isn't the problem for me, in fact thats generally the easy part assuming i dont get hard counterpicked. One other problem s that the champion would need to have decent roam, or at least waveclear/followup against roaming champions. The champs that i enjoy the most and have put the most work into arent cutting it.
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