Senna's early game is too oppressive.

TDLR: Discussing my opinions about Senna's early game and how i think it should be adressed, nerfing passive number, ad ratios, or limiting stacks income. Hi guys! I'd want to discuss with you the new champ strenghts and why i think she's a little too oppressive in early stages. Let's look her passive and autos. Even if she has a notable delay before autoing, it's really easy to land a few autoattacks followed by her q. She starts with around 64 ad, and her auto deal 1%-16% bonus dmg based on target's current health PLUS 20% physical dmg. This 2 passive combined makes almost every trade at lv 1 a nightmare. if enemy doesn't have range (engage or poke), she can quick trade with almost anybody, support or adc, and return to safety due to her ms steal and supreme range at level 1. If u think Nami had a perfect sustain in early trading, think again. Senna is capable to literally desiroy her in support trades. I think that, as a champion who has to stack to become statistically relevant in the game, her early bullying is too strong IF combibed with a 600 range start (correct me if im wrong). Weird enough, she struggles more in mid game ( if not fed) where she should be impactful due to her stacks. I thought about some nerfs that could make more fair her esrly game. -Touching her passive numbers. Imo, most of the problem is her dmg. Too reliable to be this high. This could be a simple adjustement (not a gut) -Making her ratio "one way oriented" By this, i mean changing q and r in this way. Both Q and R have very small AP ratios, so ad scaling grant everything Senna wants without taking Ap, cos she has dmg, more sustain and bigger shield. Usually senna build only one enchanter items, and i saw it few times. The most common build is straight up dmg, especially lethaity. Isn't it awkward that she should be a double class hybrid, but atm she's locked in a MOAR DMG mode? I think she should tweak her ratio, giving ap ratios a boost so Senna can focus on dmg OR utility, or still building both without doing absurd dmg. The ad ratio should be reduced here. -Making stacks mechanic longer. If she has such a bullying presence at lv 1-6, she shouldn't be awarded by having more stacks in stock. The more she harass you the more she becomes stronger (stacks from second auto attack with that range, q with on hit effect also with a long of range with quick execution) And so she gains dmg and dmg... It's like she snowballs you without the need of killing you. Needing more stacks to gain stats or making wraths spawn less common should award better Sennas if they pkay aggressive, giving the enemy more least. This is the nerf i like less cos her oppressive laning would still be present, even with some drawbacks. What do you think? Let me know what do you think about Senna's early phase or more!
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