"We won't make video about rework champion " What you mean is we YOU are too lazy to actually work.

Seriously you guys do nothing but some how can't do a rework spotlight? You guys have over 2000 workers but it seems like you pay workers who rarely work at all or improve the game. Took you 2 years for Eternal to come out like that's a joke how the company is being run next you tell us rework champ won't get a spotlight anymore? It's like you guys hire so much workers where 80% of the work force doesn't even do anything which is funny because they don't. If you look up CLG coach he talks how he went to Riot HQ that there were workers who doesn't do anything or some that got hire for useless positions for example workers who's job is to Introducing and showing people around that are visiting Riot HQ. Can't one of you guys get off your booty from a chair and do it yourself and actually save money to hire a real media team rather then waste it on a person who shows people around taking up income?
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