Can we rework Rylais into a healthier AP item? Pitch your ideas!

Currently Rylais is in a pretty bad spot. And it's well deserved! In its peak it was built on EVERY mage since it gave 400 HP, 100 AP and a full 35% PASSIVE slow. It made Mages unbelievably tanky while still dealing a ton of damage and being virtually inescapable/untouchable. It had to be nerfed but by doing so it became a shell of an item only built as a bandaid for certain kits that should've been reworked ages ago. So, today I'd like to talk a little bit on how to make Rylais a healthier item that can be great on a plethora of champions to fill their needs of becoming durable and having some nice utility to go with it. So, here's a schemata you can apply to your own idea!: What's Rylais' power fantasy?: Who should be its intended users?: What stats would you suggest?: What passive/active?: What balance problems might your version of the item have?: _____________________________ **What's Rylais' power fantasy?: **Freezing scepter that keeps enemies where you want them to be! **Who should be its intended users?: **Battle mages and Ap fighters with maybe supportive mages as well **What stats would you suggest?:** 400 Hp and 80 AP (Eventually just 60 Ap + 15 Mpen if we'd go for a {{item:3136}} build path) **What passive?:** Gathering Snowstorm: While in combat you gather stacks of "Blizzard" up to a cap of 300, movement while in combat and damage suffered give you addition stacks **What active?:** Winter Dreams (Yes, a metal reference, duh!) Discharge all stacks for a ground targeted slow field that deals Frost stacks + 0.2% Ap damage and slows based on your frost stacks/10 times 2 **What balance problems might your version of the item have?:** The active might be problematic if artillery mages abuse it with poke spells and get a failsafe escape, might have to become exclusive to in combat damage taken/movement ______________________________ But what are your own ideas? Share your own thoughts on Rylais' here!
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