Another Wave of Bot scripters for Riot to kill

So in the League co-op AI matches there is another wave of scripting accounts designed to level up once more. I have not paid close enough attention to what champions the bots tend to pick but I can say their exact playstyle, build and summoners. Summs: Ghost and Heal, the default in order to appear to be new players Build: They will wait in fountain for around 10-15 seconds at beginning of game and buy just boots, then as they get money they will upgrade boots first and then build recommended Behavior/Gameplay: They will go into a lane and begin to use abilities and attack things at predetermined random intervals, they will walk back and forth in lane occasionally stopping and casting more abilities, ghosting, healing etc. The place where they trip up is here. They will randomly make attempts at the enemy bots and sometimes under tower. Then when they will randomly determine another lane and do the same semi random gameplay there. How do I know they are not just new/bad players? The fact that the pattern described above only occurs over and over when they have boots would indicate they are scripts. These scripts are clearly well thought out in making it appear as though they are human when they fail to show any attempts to learn from mistakes, randomly go to other lanes, they completely ignore tower shots most of the time, and they will have moments when they even manage to get a kill due to when they cycled their abilities. They do not pause to ask questions. They do not do anything that demonstrates, confusion, frustration, learning, comprehension, ignorance, or anything that makes them fundamentally human. These scripts are just good at doing back and forth movements and occasionally pausing in place to appear to be human but their pattern is always the same. I have ran into at least two dozen of these bots and reported the first dozen or so but Riot has told me nothing about whether or not my reports even mattered. So, for all I know Riot's automated reporting system sees my request, and then tosses it aside after the first couple were ignored, making it so my report score means less and less game after game. Please inform us that you are watching these games and trying to get rid of these scripts. One thing I think you should consider doing is make it so that there is a randomly assigned task out of several dozen options that determines you are not a scripter. One game a pop up that says click here, not here, now here, thank you please continue. Another that says in text somewhere on the screen to type something in chat and so on. I don't know exactly what you should do other than work, as I hope you are, on destroying this next wave of bot accounts.....and maybe reward people for calling out all those bot accounts by heavily boosting their report score or giving them a chest idk.
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