Opinion: Riot should balance around pro play

And by that I mean that Riot should take the top 5 or so champs with the most presence in pro play (pick/ban) and nerf them. It's obvious that the champs that the pros choose to pick or ban are the ones that are top tier and thus overpreforming compared to other champs, or the champ is just inherently toxic that they want to abuse/avoid it. I understand this is the reason that champs like {{champion:429}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:266}} have been gutted, but given the nature of their kits, I think it's reasonable. This may be an unpopular opinion, though. Edit: I definitely understand those that disagree. I am an advocate of balancing around the majority of the playerbase, however, it stands to reason that the champs that are abused at the highest levels of play are the ones that are inherently overpowered or problematic compared to the rest.
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