Hey, can we please lower Commencing Stopwatch's CD to 8min

I mean, i get it, stopwatch op. I remember when it first came out (and man do i miss those days) But _honestly_ 10min is way too long. I think 8 minutes is also too long but hey im reaching out here. You nerfed it, and once it was dropped from the #1-op-strat-must-use, you just forgot about it, so lets give it a little love. 10min is such a hefty delay that the best moment for me to use it already passed, but oh well too bad for me i had 15 sec left on my arbitrary timer. Sometimes i never even use it after 10min and delay buying Hourglass because i still have that one initial charge. Stopwatch's whole purpose is a quick fragile one time shield to buy you a little time to buy...well more time but whats even the point if it takes as long to use it as it take Rod of Ages to charge (ie. "Eternity")
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