If riot wants to stop allegations of game states they need to start providing actual info.

League of Legends is one of the only games I can think of (especially a moba) where official data isn't available. In games like Dota, Hots, etc I can readily view my MMR, champion statistics, statistics of other players and basically anything you can think of. Hell games like overwatch you can readily see *how many bullets youve fired this season* League of Legends your best information is literally a website that just gives a guess. And that guess is never really accurate (op.gg) They complain about people saying things that aren't true, or using anecdotes, or saying they have no base, except they never provide any real information or source to something we can actually get credible assumptions or bases off of. This is just about as sus as you can get. When someone says "That's not true", you need to provide data to say otherwise. And when you don't, and continue to say that, it's very clear you are hiding something. This isn't about matchmaking, or balance, or ELO brackets, but it concerns everything. Everyone is consistently getting denied on the basis that they are 'wrong' then fail to provide literally any information stating otherwise (when usually the best guess information we have available supports them anyway) There needs to be TRANSPARANCY. You track all your own data for your own reasons, you have no reason not to share these types of statistics with your players unless you are very clearly hiding something. All the sites showing builpaths, % rates, etc. all wildly vary but Riot insists that when something is brought to light, their 'data' suggests otherwise despite not sharing it. Show it. EDIT: Just to point out, I made this exact same thread on reddit word for word and it got shut down with negative upvotes and a deletion. Propaganda machine ahoy! UPDATE: Reddit thread! https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/8czkqe/to_prevent_allegations_of_game_states_the/
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