Turrets are a joke when will you buff them ?

Just went against a hecarim who had only jungle cinderhulk + mercury treads and a long sword NO armor item , he dived a lux she rooted him E'd him and ulted and she used barrier + her shield when she was low so she tanked abit more , he killed her and managed to go out alive with 6 turret shots yeah 6 turret shot and getting dammaged ccd by lux and still making it alive anyway and he had no armor items that should reduce the turret's dammage.. The best of this is just an example , i have seen worse ... EDIT : i have recorded the part from the replay , sorry for the bad quality my pc is not the best. https://youtu.be/OtxWFgqJnAI EDIT : Vid starts at 0:04 because for some reason i was pausing .
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