Kai'sa current state is just laughable, and sad

Garbage kit, garbage range, no plans on doing anything to fix her issues (basically whole kit + base range), in fact the designer said they cant increase her range because she is meant to be weak early for her "scaling". Is this a bad joke? What scaling? Vayne can bully kai sa out of lane (LOL) and then scale infinitely times better, same about the rest of the adc champ pool, kai sa late game walks up to 500 range to hit a tank, gets maokai W'd and dies in the cc duration, wow what amazing scaling, ITS OK GUYS NOTHING WRONG WITH 5 HIT PASSIVE ON SQUISHY 500 RANGE CHAMP, not even mentioning the whole as steroid that forces you to stop autoing! LMAO. I could keep going on here, her whole kit is riddled with problems and to top it off she gets that juicy 500 attack range, but she has no dashes out of her ult and no spellshield like sivir, so just why? Its not like she even has CC or a strong kit, why doesnt she have at the bare minimum, 550 range? Shes so bad that she makes lucian look like a god tier adc, please just delete her and give me an actual playable champion with a working kit, it just sucks to be teased as an "adc that plays like vayne" then it turns out shes basically just vayne but made 10 times worse in every way possible. It really sucks, i waited for another vayne like adc for so long to get this garbage, what a letdown.
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