Bring Zephyr Back to Summoner's Rift

I think Zephyr {{item:3172}} is an excellent item, but I don't understand why it isn't on Summoner's Rift. Is it because it would be too powerful for the 'Rift? I think it's a fair tradeoff when used instead of Attack Speed/Critical Strike Chance items because the Bonus Attack Damage helps out with more Abilities than Critical Strike Chance does (there aren't many Abilities that apply Critical Strike Chance in contrast to Abilities that apply Bonus Attack Damage) and there is still the possible risk of not being able to Critically Strike as often. Some things I love about Zephyr is that it is the highest Attack Speed item (tied with Wit's End {{item:3091}}, Guinsoo's Rageblade {{item:3124}} excluded) and that it has the Tenacity Passive. If Zephyr isn't expensive enough for how much it does, this could balance it out: Bring Stinger {{item:3101}} back into the recipe (or if that's too much Cooldown Reduction, make a new item that grants Attack Speed and Tenacity just to build it into Zephyr), and raise the total Gold cost so that building it from B.F. Sword {{item:1038}} and Stinger isn't only 400 Gold. I think it would be a great addition back into the 'Rift.
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