Does anyone else feel league has become insanely unfun

So Ive been here since early season 4 and in season 4 it was great it was fun i had alot of fun with friends then comes season 5 still fun but now i notice more people tend to rage and rage quit the game. Lets hop to the current season. It seems now that everyone just rage quits screams yells whatever it may be and this game just isnt fun anymore. Everyone does to much damage tanks are extremely tanky yet melt squishys before they can even do anything. It seems like riot just dosent care about there game anymore and lets anything go. Ive asked alot of people in the discords I am part of and they all say the same thing everyone (besides some supports) Do so much damage that it takes away alot of the fun of building proper items and thinking of a strategy. Now all I see is people running in and getting double kills or people just instantly getting killed. And no they are not feed either. the turrents are complete garbage with adcs just eating tower shot after tower shot while they get kills even while stunned or suppressed,. Im not the best player but im not the worst but currently i rarely play league now because all it does is turns everyone g good mood into a shit storm of people being pissed and yelling at each other. I know some people may feel otherwise but honestly I dont know how long im going to be playing league beacuse its at a point where this game just ruins everything.
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