Galio is zero fun anymore

I used to LOVE playing Galio Then he got reworked and he was Meh Then the Ardent Meta came about shortly after and he was a mid lane support. Then he was made into an insane burst mage with cross map presence. Then he was made into a protobelt abusing Mage. Then he had nothing left but he base damage and cheesing flash taunts. And now he is... idk a mix of Protobelt mage/Afk shover? There is nothing interesting about him anymore in any way. His Passive is very strong His Q is near useless in 75% of scenarios His W is near useless if the enemy has CC (worse than his old ult was but just on lesser CD) His E is boring His R is boring and useless (it "looks cool" but other than flashy VFX it's boring, you can do this with any champion without having to rework) I try hard as hell to get my voice heard for pre rework mains and a way of making Galio atleast a bit more unique. But he is now less popular than the old Galio ever was and is designed in a way that no matter how you buff him itll do nothing but make him a more annoying burst mage or wave shover. Cmon.... Coming from a guy who is top 4 Mastery Points on him Globally AND I barely played League on this (or much on other) accounts. Just took everything fun away from me and my ability to play this game and have fun was taken from me. Yes I am only one player, but no other game TAKES THINGS AWAY from players. There are no options for me to play like the old Galio and it all sucks and I'm still very upset about it and will always be. He was my FAVORITE game character, in league or not. RIP
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