I’ve been playing league for a long time and I’m still horrible

This is a little embarrassing but I’ve been playing league since 2014 and I’m still pretty much the equivalent as a newb. Granted I did take a year and a half break, Ive been back into it now for a long time and I just can’t seem to get good no matter how much I play/practice. I watch a lot of guides and read boards on tips all of the time and they help a little but it’s still just not clicking. My main problem is building. I know that it depends on the other teams stats like if the team is mostly AD or AP to build amor or magic resist. But when I do this I feel like I’m just building random stuff and it has no structure or affect. I mostly play Heimerdinger but I want to be able to play random champs or try new champs and not get obliterated lol. There’s also a lot of other stuff that I need to fix like what runes I’m supposed to build (I guess that’s how you put it:l) and how to jungle properly (just in case bc I’m super trash at jungle and don’t know how to gank) I would be really grateful for tips, or in my case a whole crash course lol. Any tips on heim would be appreciated too!! ( I love my bby:))

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