If you're going to complain about matchmaking being broken when Riot gives you bad teammates...

...Then you also need to complain when they give you good ones. Obviously this doesn't apply to general ranting about shitty teammates in certain games. We all do that. Doesn't mean you have to accept and be fine with trolls or people playing like they're three ranks lower than they actually are. And it's still totally fine to complain about how your team somehow seems to have recently escaped from the zoo whenever you enter promos. ######(All of this, of course, NOT in game - Bitch about them on discord, over stream, or wherever else, but keep it out of game. I don't advocate flaming in any way, shape, or form). But when you say the system is broken because of Riot giving you bad teammates...You also need to say it's at fault when you get good ones. Same for if the enemy gets bad teammates. Until you're also complaining about issues where your teammates are *too* good or the enemy is *too* bad, you're not actually complaining about matchmaking, you're just recycling the same old complaint about your team being the only thing holding you back. So please call it what it is - a rant about boosted teammates who can't seem to understand that I can't help them in a level 2 fight I'm fucking Nasus against a Darius what the flying fuck do you expect me to do Kayn I'm a mid-late game champion and I don't even have my fucking sheen yet do you even fucking know anything about toplane, not matchmaking being actually broken. Thanks.
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